Although we have two Beaver Colonies and two Cub Packs, we have one Scout troop which meets on Fridays from 7pm until 9pm.

We try to provide a varied programme for our scouts, which incorporates various scouting skills, including pioneering, knife work, axe work, cooking on wood fires and various other indoor and outdoor activities.

Previously working on the Mechanics and Sports Enthusiast Badges, we are now currently working on the athletics badge, athletics plus badge, personal challenge badge, among other activity badges when the scouts have achieved a goal for a badge of their choosing.

The scouts are also currently preparing to go on Summer camp. Which they will be using their scouting skills learnt in the scout meetings to achieve certain goals, whilst doing various fun adventurous activities.


For more information or to sign your 10 1/2 year old to 14 year old child up please contact our leader via the below email address: